Export to DXF and the measurements change

I’m having troubles with my drawing when I export it to DXF file. The model is changing measures, it gets bigger. Tried export it in 3D and the measures seemed correct, but it was a mess of lines going everywhere.
Mast coat.dxf (44.8 KB)
Mast coat. SU.skp (341.1 KB)

Set the camera to standard view Top and Parallel Projection before you export.

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Your a legend! Thanks again @Box

I guessed already when you mentioned it in the other thread.

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Excellent solution, thank you Box!

When exporting to dxf or deg from skp file format, the radii drawn in Sketchup using the Create Radius Extension, revert to line segments and do not display as smooth curves.

Please let me know if you have any recommendations to maintain this radii as smooth curves.

I rarely work with dxf but the general answer is to export as 3d and it will export true curves.