Export to DWG file

Please advise on how I can transfer the DWG file to an architect.

I’ve exported it to a DWG file and it exports but them it comes up with ‘AutoCAD export audit error’ Check ‘Audit.report.txt’ for errors

Please help

Does the Architect use a current version of AutoCAD (2016-2019)? If so they can download and install the SketchUp Import utility from the AutoDesk App store
You might have to save down a version but it does seem to work.

you can also evaluate by yourself using the free ADesk DWG TrueView viewer which also allows to convert to older format versions.

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Thank you Ill have a look at these options.
Many thanks

Sounds like a SketchUp error message. What is in the “Audit.report.txt”?
Is your model very far from the SketchUp model origin?
Are you exporting 2D or 3D?
Are you writing your file directly to a “cloud” service?

Can you post your model and/or the created DWG file? Have you tried the DXF option?