Export to AutoCAD - Export Audit Error

Hi there, I having an problem exporting to AutoCAD. I tried different Sketchup versions on different computers 8, 14, 2019. The DWG file is produced, but with an error message

S8 does a Bug Splat - produces no DWG file
S14 says an error occured while attempting to translate this model - produces no DWG file
S2019 Trial The DWG file is produced, but with the error message in the title.

Here is the model. It is my new house and I need to send it to an structural engineer as DWG. Can anybody fix it or tell me what the problem is?

EFH Lambe 20190325_Bruno.skp (655.3 KB)

A c D b A t t r i b u t e ( 5 7 E 8 ) H e i gA c D b A t t r i b u t e ( 5 7 E B ) H e i g
End of File


Be specific and quote the error message for each version of SketchUp.
And did you try the 2D export or 3D export ?

Did you try sending to LayOut and exporting to DWG from LO ?

OK here are the specific messages.

File > Export > 3D Model… > DWG or DXF

S19 - Layout Export to Autocad works fine.

S19 - AutoCAD export audit error: Check ‘Audit report.txt’ for errors.
S14 - An error has occured while attempting to translate this model
S8 - Bugpsplat Screen with no real details.

The question is can anyone open the model (Ver 8) and sucessfully export to 3D AutoCAD DWG or DXF?

I too got an Audit report file, with nothing intelligible inside. But SketchUp still did create a DWG file. It looked OK in Autodesk TrueView but only you, @christopher.lambe can say if something is amiss. I don’t know what causes the error message, but you might try shortening and simplifying some of the layer and component names. I wouldn’t use, for instance, parentheses, preferably only letters and numbers.
EFH Lambe 20190325_Bruno.dwg (472.7 KB)
I tried different approaches: Deleting all layers didn’t make a difference but exploding everything down to raw geometry did - that produced a file with no error message:
EFH Lambe 20190325_Bruno2.dwg (608.8 KB)

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