Can't export Sketchup Scene to "dwg"

I want to Export my Sketchup 3D scene as a dwg format and I got an error about audit error:
AutoCAD export audit error: Check “Audit report.txt” for errors.
When I’m looking the error there’s only “A” writing in the Audit report.

Did a DWG file get created? Have you installed SketchUp properly (and NOT running it from the downloaded DMG file)? Can you post the model and, if it exists, the resulting DWG file?

the DWG has been created but not sure if this working I can’t validate.
Yes Sketchup is properly installed
Maison_14_Decembre_NEW.dwg (864.4 KB)
Maison_14_Decembre_NEW.skp (3.1 MB)

Looking at it with Autodesk DWG TrueView, The DWG you posted looks OK on my PC, but I cannot be sure if anything is missing. I get a NLS warning, but that seems to happen on the PC with all Mac-exported DWG-s.
When I try exporting, I get the same Audit Report, but IMO the result looks OK. I attach my result.
Maison_14_Decembre_NEW-3.dwg (594.6 KB)
One thing I suspect is the extensive group nesting or group names, as when I explode everything down to raw geometry, I get no errors.
Maison_14_Decembre_NEW-5.dwg (865.4 KB)
Could @colin get someone in the know to take a look at what is causing the error message?
Could someone with AutoCad check @lavoiesvfx 's original DWG export with the Audit command in AutoCad?
Edit: I get error messages with any 3D exports from models that have groups, components, or hidden geometry. The DWG:s seem to be OK.