AutoCAD Exports Error

Currently using SketchUp2021 and am having problems exporting a file in AutoCAD format.

I originally imported the CAD file ok then added some bridge models within only to get an error on export. The CAD file won’t open at all. See error report attached.
Audit report.txt (637 Bytes)

Any advice would be welcome.

Exporting FBX works to a degree but has geomtetric errors in places so my best option is DWG. I’m working in a team where a couple of us are working on the same project so we need to get this issue sorted.


For anyone uninitiated, the error report tells nothing. Does the exporter show any errors while the export is in progress?
Can you post your SketchUp model and/or the resulting DWG file?

I had the same issue in LO the other day. Not sure if the two are connected. :thinking:

Hi Anssi. Yes, thought the error message was unuseful. No errors show until the export process has finished.

I’ll send the files in a private message.

Your DWG file opened quite OK in Autodesk DWG TrueView 2021. It took some minutes to open and it navigates very slowly due to the large amount of geometry in it. I cannot say if the error report indicates that something important is missing