AutoCAD export audit error: Check Audit report.txt for errors

I am trying to export a model I have as a .dwg but keep getting this error message. I have purged and sifted through my components looking for any long / extensively punctuated file names (I read online this can be problematic) but I still can’t seem to export it. Does anyone have any suggestions or advice on what the problem might be and how to fix it? I’ve never seen this message before and export to .dwg’s quite regularly.

Thanks all :slight_smile:

Can you post your model?
Does DWG export work with other models?
Is SketchUp installed properly? Are you running the latest maintenance release of SketchUp?

Hello Anssi,

Thank you for your reply. I’m afraid in this instance I cannot post my model due to the contract.
Sketchup is installed properly and I have checked that it is up to date - which it is :). As you suggested I tried exporting a 2d and 3d .dwg from another model and this worked no problem.

The only other way I can think of eliminating the component that’s causing issues is to copy and paste each element into a new file and try to export - however I’m slightly resistant in doing this due to the sheer size and variation of elements in the model.

Do you know the nature of a .txt. error? What the most likely cause could be?
Thanks again for you reply.


Can you post the “Audit report.txt” file? I am not sure if it has anything helpful but it OUGHT to have a hint to the reason why the export is failing.
Is the model very large or is it placed very far from the SketchUp model origin?