Export Section planes in PDF format

Hi… I need to Export a drawing with Section planes included in PDF format. If I export say jpeg or png the section planes are present. When I export in pdf format they are not. I have my Style set to include them… any ideas?

As always… thanks

Why not use LayOut?

FWIW, I just made a PDF export from SketchUp with a section cut and it worked fine.

We are exporting into Indesign and the pdf from SU is more manageable than the LO pdf version. For some reason Indesign doesn’t treat them the same

Yes I can see the section cut fine, I want to see the section planes with section #

Here is a jpeg of what I want to see

So what is it about the PDF export from LayOut that makes it so hard to manage?

pdf export on a mac is vector graphics and the section plane is a raster image, so will not export…

try a .tif for the section plane and combine them, maybe…


Possibly export a Layout pdf to PhotoShop first?

I’d export it as a tiff or jpeg. You can open in PS and re-save as pdf if needed, but why not just bring the tiff/jpeg into InDesign?

thanks for the replies…
My Partner is the Indesign guy, so as I understand, he can easily change the font size/ dimension lines when I export a pdf out of SU. If I export the same out of LO he can’t globally change the fonts etc.
Same with jpeg etc.,

He is resizing the drawings for a book and has to adjust the font size/ drawing

I see. I guess it I was doing this, I would select the correct font and make it along with the model the right size on the page in LayOut and save him the trouble. I’d add all the text in LayOut, too.