Export problem STL in sketch Up

HI, I was able to convert the Sketch Up file to STL. But the problem is the pattern is missing. Please help,

Some more info please.
The model or the .stl or both or even screenshots.


The pattern above is missing. Here is the result. !

all I’m seeing is two polar bears wrestling in a snowstorm.

Ok, can see it now but it’s not telling us much.
Can you attach the model.

this should be the design. but the problem is the details in the front is not showing. Only this !

I suspect you may be misunderstanding how a 3d model works and how it can be translated into an .stl file, but again, your images tell us little, the model would tell us all.

Since you sent me the SKP file by PM…

Those lines are raster image, not geometry. STL is only geometry so it’s no wonder you don’t see the pattern in the STL export. Are those lines supposed to be grooves in the surface? If so, you’ll need to draw those in with the Line tool.

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The design is actually in the front. So you mean to say, I need to redraw it?

If you’re referring to a texture or graphic, the STL format won’t support it. However, textures are preserved in the Collada format.

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