Export : Missing 3d Warehouse imported components

I have a problem with my export.
Only my custom components are export, but all Components I have added from 3D Warehouse are not exported.

Do you have any idea about this issue please ?

What are you exporting to? What file type?

Can you share the .skp file so we can see what you are working with?

I have the same problem with DWG, collada, OBJ …
After some try, I succeed to export these components only after Ungrouping, but I don’t now why.

I tried to upload my sketchup File but there is an error during upload ><

Probably because the file size is too large to upload here. You could upload to Drop Box and share the link.

Is it possible that the components you got from the 3D Warehouse had all of their edges hidden? That seems to be a common thing with many components there.

I give you the Dropbox Link

Components I have imported from 3d Warehouse are Trusses, Lift, IPN, curtains, racks, audio/video gear (and Light Gear in hidden layers)

Is this after you exploded things?

No I didn’t exploded components, it’s my original file

Part of your problem could be due to incorrect use of Layers/Tags. Layer0 or Untagged should always be active and all edges and faces should be left with Layer 0 or Untagged assigned to them.

When I opened your file I see Untagged (Layer 0 in older versions) is set be invisible. I would expect to not see edges in an export if the Layer0/Untagged is not displayed.
Screenshot - 5_17_2021 , 12_28_08 PM

After correcting the incorrect usage.
Screenshot - 5_17_2021 , 12_29_00 PM

You might try sorting that out to see if that fixes your export problems.

It wouldn’t hurt to purge unused stuff once in awhile, too.
Screenshot - 5_17_2021 , 12_30_54 PM
Purging unused from your model resulted in a nearly 62% file size reduction.

Also keep in mind that the blue faces are exposed back faces. Generally it’s a good idea to make sure face orientation is correct so only front faces are displayed. This can be especially important if you are going to do any rendering of the model.

Thanks, you solved my problem !
I didn’t know about the Layer 0. Now I will pay more attention to this.

Thanks For your help :slight_smile:

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