Export mesh from Meshlab and import in Sketchup while keeping textures

Hi! I used the Meshlab software to align meshes that were generated with a lidar scanning app. The files were originally in .usdz but I converted them in .ply to be able to import them in Meshlab. I know need to import those aligned files into Sketchup while keeping textures on and scale.

Here are the file types I can import in sketchup:
.dwg/.dxf, .dmp, .3ds, .dae, .ifc, .stl.

I also have the universal importer that allows me to import almost any format except .usdz.

So far I tried .dae, .obj, .ply and .dxf file formats but textures and scales are both lost in the process.

Does anyone have a workflow suggestion for me? I really need help with this!

Does that unspecified Lidar app export only one file type (usdz) or does it have other options (maybe OBJ)?

Does the exported usdz file have texture?

What program do you use to convert the usdz file to ply?

Does the ply file imported into Meshlab have texture?

After you ‘align’ the meshes and export them, do they have texture?

I tested importing a .usdz file directly into Blender and then exported it as a .DAE file and imported it into SketchUp.

It goes well and you have control over the model (align, scale, texture, etc…)


Simlab do a USDZ importer for SketchUp
Simlab 3D Plugins - USDZ importer for SketchUp (simlab-soft.com)

I imagine the converted to PLY step is the one that is an issue - I don’t think PLY files are used for textured meshes normally - they are typically used as just the point cloud data.

USDZ format is on Universal Importer plugin roadmap.

In the meantime, you can manually use Blender as suggested above by Mihai.