USD format import/Export

It would be rather nice to be able to import and export USD files, as this seems to be the next widely adopted file format for 3D.


Right? Good luck with this one. THEY GAVE US AI THOUGH… CAUSE WE NEEDED THAT… :roll_eyes:

SimLab has an exporter, but that’s another stupid subscription and who the hell wants another subscription to remember. Simlab 3D Plugins - USDZ exporter for SketchUp

Blender is free, their USD exporter is free. Their Architecture tools are getting bonkers amazing. As soon as there’s a decent way to import revit files directly SU is obsolete imo. Diatribe over.

Do you have a Layout replacement for Blender yet?

And if you want to import RVT files into Blender, think about asking for IFC instead and use BlenderBIM.

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I think there’s a Speckle connector too

Do you really believe that?


I keep waiting to see these Blender and FormZ users post proper examples of detailed construction or shop drawings… once that happens I’ll go have a play - but nothing I’ve seen to date has made me want to move from SKP / LO as my production tools.

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Your issue might be that you need tecnhical drawings while many people use sketchup only for rendering and visualization. In that sense, Blender might be more powerful. Main concerns might be related to DWG and other standard file format import. RVT might be the barrier in this case.