3D Mesh Issues

I have a 3D model created with Polycam of terrain that I am mapping and I would like to pull measurements off of it using Sketchup. I uploaded the file from Polycam in a OBJ format and then imported into Sketchup. It imported fine and actually seemed to import to proper scale. There’s only two issues. One is that the texture didn’t import which is quite important in this particular sense. Not sure if anyone has experience or input on how to make this happen. The second is a problem I’ve had a few times with objects that are skewed in the model. This object imported at a rakish angle. With it being terrain, it is an irregular object with no straight edges. However, I can draw a line within the object making an average of the plane. The trouble is snapping it to two different axis to make it oriented properly in the model. I have attached the model for reference.
6_21_2024.dae (3.9 MB)

And you shared a DAE file, not OBJ.


And don’t you have a JPG file with the name "6_21_2024_texture_001.jpg"?

Using Rotate tool


Another method to align a mesh to the main axes

If you’re slightly comfortable using Blender as an intermediate, you could do;

  1. export from polycam as GLTF
  2. import into Blender
  3. optional; align the mesh to the world axis in Blender - its faster for high poly models
  4. optional: maybe reduce the polycount using a Decimate modifier
  5. export as DAE
  6. import into SU

Another two methods:

  • SketchUp, using extension Align Tool by D. Bur
  • Blender, using addon Pro Aligner

Very helpful! Thanks! So with the image importing I do have a jpg that is attached to the file but it’s abstract and the trouble is getting it to map properly onto the terrain as it’s not done automatically. I misspoke on the file format. I had to upload from Polycam as OBJ and then converted the file to DAE in order to get it into SU. I have not used Blender before but I don’t imagine it would be hard for me to figure out. Seeing as the model is complete and mapped properly in 3D in the Polycam app I was hoping there was a simple route where I could get the entire object imported into Sketchup with the image mapped on the terrain in one shot. Probably too much to ask I suppose.

First of all, it’s not necessary to convert OBJ to DAE to import it into SketchUp. There are extensions for SketchUp that allow importing OBJ files.
And if you have the OBJ/DAE file and the JPG/PNG (texture) file, then you can import the textured model into SketchUp.

Try to see how you do on SketchUp, it’s not complicated.