Export line colour

Anyone have an idea why this has started to happen?

Below are three screenshots. The two with black lines are SU and LO. All normal. The third is once exported to PDF. Suddenly all lines are pale grey. There are no Tags apart from Untagged and I am using my normal style which only uses monochrome.

I have a workaround. If I print to PDF, it looks normal. I used to only do that until I found that exporting resulted in smaller file sizes, so I am reluctant to go back to printing.

is it actually grey or is it just super thin ?

COuld you share with us the pdf please ? (and probably the layout file, other will ask for it :wink: )

Can’t say that I’ve ever encountered that Simon.

Are you able to share the LO file?

The third one looks like it’s raster…?

What are your LO model tray settings?

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Oh you beauty, you, Paul! That was it. Changing to vector did the trick.

Thanks again my friend.

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Steady on Simon :wink:

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Nah, you’re safe mate!

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