Export Image set

Hi .
I have had problems with exporting image set from pro 2017, everytime I try. it starts exporting video instead. I stop and retry, only to find that the program does the same again…am I the only one?

It works correctly and exports images (SketchUp Make 2017)


Thank you for info

Both features (image set and video) use the same “Export Animation” routine from SketchUp so the dialog has the same caption. Don’t let that “throw you off”.

Hi Dan

I found out what the problem was.
If you run into the same again
go to view tab and animation - setting - and disable the scene transmission.
That makes the image set work right again
for some reason it had been cheked on, maybe when I reinstaled sketchup.

You can also get there by Window > Model Info > Animation

The option is Enable scene transitions (not transmissions.)

This should not be the case.

With transitions enabled the export adds interpolated frames between the each scene and the next scene (according to the frames per second setting in the export options dialog.)

I just tested and having Enable scene transitions checked does not cause video export when image set export is the chosen command path. When you have transitions enabled you will get more interpolated images between each scene image.

Make sure you are choosing File > Export > Animation > Image set… from the menus.

And once again, the export feature uses the same dialogs for both video and image set output, … so both command paths will have captions that say “Export Animation” and “Exporting Animation …”, etc.

So your problem is something else. When you reinstalled SketchUp, did you right-click the installer exe and choose “Run as administrator” from the context menu ? (If not do so again, and choose the Repair option.)

I wonder if the OP wanted to export an “image set” of one image per scene, and considered the frame by frame image set that was produced with scene transitions enabled to be “video”. Perhaps we’ll never know but this could be a case of not understanding the expected behavior. By unticking the transitions they stumbled into the scene exporter they were expecting.

I can’t agree with this idea.
I just cannot see “video export” and “image set export” being confused or confounded.
Either the result is one video file or many image files.

I suppose you’re right, they’re pretty different file types and would be recognized.