Export FBX, meshes and textures are missing upon import into Vectary

I am working on a project in SketchUp to make my models and transferring them into Vectary to apply materials and to do the final export. When I import the model to Vectary some of my meshes and SketchUp colors have disappeared entirely. Images below.
I am providing images of the following, the view in SketchUp from the rear to show that the meshes are there, then the image of the solid object in Vectary showing transparent surfaces, then the meshes in Vectary that are shown in pink/purple, then the SketchUp FBX export settings. If anyone can help me get these surfaces to appear solid again this would be a huge help!

Are the faces correctly oriented? Set the Face Style to Monochrome and share a screen shot of your model.

Oh I think I see because they are blue not white?

Yup. All those blue faces need to be reversed.

This is the sort of thing you should deal with as you go along. Your model is also a poster child for my advice to avoid applying materials to the model until after the geometry is correct.

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Wow I feel stupid for not realizing that. But that should make my export/imports less stressful. Thanks for your help.

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