Export .dxf files to Cut Files

Hello, I am using sketchup for a quick development of small Aluminum parts, such as gussets. When I export to .dxf for the waterjet, I am getting errors with open polygons. The waterjet manufacture says “At this time we believe this issue is caused by the Version of .dxf that the file is being saved as. We found that the file is being saved as a much older version, R14. This version is from 1997 and will not work well with the WAZER. The release version does not indicate the release date/year, for example R18 was released in 2009. We have had success with R18 and newer, please make sure to use a more current version.” When I export in .dxf I have an option for AutoCAD version. Is “AutoCAD 2018” the latest available? I have Version 21.1.332 64 bit SketchupPro 2021. Sketchup treats arcs unlike other cad/modeling packages. Instead they are just little lines defined by how many segments you select upon creation of the arc. I think it makes it a tough sell to use sketchup for CAM. Do I have to start using a AutoCad program such as Fusion 360, Solidworks to get .dxf files directly. They just seem like overkill for the little parts I am creating. Sketchup needs to advance!

Sounds like you are having issues with tiny faces, a known issue. to work around it see: