Export 2D showing triangles on surfaces

When I export 2d with 2016 Pro at work, it gives me triangles on the surfaces. If I export the same file at home with “2016 Make”, it renders just fine. What gives?

maybe your monitors are facing different directions…

but really, help us out by telling us the which format and any differences in Export Settings ect…

otherwise it’s a guessing game…


Could it be as simple as view>hidden geometry?


Thanks for your thoughts, guys.

OK, in 2016 Pro at work, I found that if I have checked “Shaded with textures” it gives me the triangles on the surface 3d terrain. If I check just “Shaded” then no triangles appear on the 2d export. Will check my home version later today.

As an FYI, that surface started as a Google Earth 3d terrain which I converted to a green colored 3d terrain for a less cluttered view for finished “art”.

Now to just get the roads drawn in and “draped” . . . More fun !