Exploding .dxf file crashes sketchup

table top.dxf (13.4 MB)

In a bit of a bind with a table top design:

I can import it, but when I go to explode it to clean it up, etc, it crashes. Completely crashes. not a “not responding” deal. I know the design is complicated, but it seems to me that it should be able to explode it. Or, is there another way to be able to edit this design and get some faces on it to push/pull it, etc? I also tried exporting it as a .dwg, then uploading and exploding. Same thing happened.


Eneroth Face Creator


i never knew about this! but is there a way i can get it to explode to adjust some things before doing the faces?

In the first gif you can see raw geometry, the group being exploded.
But you don’t have to explode it, you can just double-click it or right-click > Edit Group, and work inside it.

besides edit component which seems to take forever for some reason

See if you can work on this file: flo-02.skp (6.4 MB)

checking it out now. I am an artist blacksmith and normally just draw railings. trying to expand my knowledge some, so thanks for your patience