Can you flatten a component or group

i imported a large dxf of a halftoned picture and i would like to explode this so i can flatten or project this.
each time i try to explode sketchup gets stuck? anny ideas on how to prevent or go round this problem?


Not sure about the source of your explode issue, but when it comes to the flattening, the simplest approach I’ve found is with Eneroth’s Flatten to Plane extension:

Edit: how large is the DXF import?

cant run this eneroth extension on SU 2020…
the dxf i using now is just has a lot of detail, its a picture jimtest e.dxf (369.8 KB)

i added the dxf

Why not? Did you try it? It works in 2020 for me.

when I select instal I get this ‘not compatible with your Operating System or SketchUp Version. Proceed anyway?’

But you didn’t proceed anyway? As I said, I did. It works just fine. Someone needs to do a little clerical work in the Warehouse is all.

ok ill try

ok its flattend the component but i need it to be exploded so i can adjust it for CNC use it needs to be a poly drawing befor i make a 3d dxf export file that on his turn is used as a dxf import to my cnc software

Right click on the component and choose Explode?

yeah right but then it takes like ages to explode the whole thing. last time i let it running for like 40min and sketchup is stuck

did it run flawless with you?

There’s a ton of geometry so it will take awhile to explode.

Out of curiosity, if you are just going to export a dxf file from SketchUp, why are you even going through SketchUp with this?

The Flatten extension ran flawlessly for me.

@DaveR — I downloaded the dxf and imported it (which to a while to complete), then went to explode the group — which is hundreds (or maybe thousands) of circles of varying radius.

I didn’t enter the group or check the circle radiuses before exploding, but it’s been chewing away for 15-20 minutes (spinning beach ball!) so far — and difficult to tell whether it’s hung or simply still processing.

I was wondering whether SU might be running into a small edges problem, given that imported AC vector circles are converted into SU n-gons of 96 edges or more (depending on size?).

If so, would scaling up the group before exploding help to prevent the hang?

I’ll let it crunch on in the background for a while longer to see if it resolves on its own.

I imported it using meters for the import units to avoid potential short segment issues. If it says Not Responding at the top, SketchUp is still chewing away at it as you so aptly put it.

It’s 400,800 edges so it could take a little while depending on the CPU.

so I basically load the a picture in halftoner 1.7 and edit the picture to the result I need.
then I export this in halftoner as a DXF
import this dxf in SU (wich gives me a component in SU)
then i explode it and place it in a specific layer from a layers template in sketchup, this is a preset empty layer file I made in sketchup, all layers are named in way so they communicate and control a specific tool/action of my cnc programmation.

If it’s taking too long to explode the dxf maybe you could try splitting the original into several smaller units and explode them one at a time.

Makes sense — I imported with model units, plus I don’t have a very powerful CPU (2.6 GHz Intel Core i5 4278U).

Given that you successfully imported it, I think I’ll kill it and move on to more productive work! (but I was curious, since I’ve imported and flattened a bunch of dxf’s in the course of my paid work without incident)

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its round 8000 circles yeah…, thanks guys for helping me out here
I ran a test with a les detailed version of the picture and ok it took a while but it worked.
I just bought a new macbook pro so my system is not the problem.

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is there a way to vectorize the picture in sketchup or tracing the picture?