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convertedfile.dwg.zip (2.2 MB)


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What’ll happen if I do it all in one go? Only one way to find out… i’ll record it…


I have to do

the controversially hated

go shopping

so I’ll fix it tomorrow or another day.
Thanks Dave.

Yes! (except I don’t have an engine, or a car, becuase I’m a teenager, But I get your point.)

Before replying I did try some of the things that Dave was suggesting, and they didn’t work.

What does seem to work is to go into the component and delete the filled in floors. Those seem to be made up from several different faces that are occupying the same space, and when explode merges them it causes the crash. Delete the face and you will see it’s still there, delete it again and it might have gone away, or there could be a third face.

Another option would be to use the flatten to plane extension, while inside the component. That should reduce the faces to one per area.

In my test of that approach I had gone into the component, scale it up to real world sizes, then selected the lower area first. That worked. Then I selected the middle area, and when pasting that at the root level I got a bugsplat.

But yes, I could probably have selected a smaller area of the middle sections, and got away with it. Deleting the multiple faces let me explode the entire component in one go.

BTW, it is an issue that I should report. It relates to other issues that were improved in a recent update, and this is another variation that could be improved too.

I am using the latest build, that does have those fixes in it, and I still get the crash. The earlier improvements won’t help 2017 users, but fixing this variation of the problem will help users who update whenever the issue is taken care of. For now, hopefully kaidenh will have success with your steps or with mine.

if you edit the component (imported DWG plan) and select only all the faces (with one of the extensions Deep Select, Selection Toys, etc.) and delete them, then you can explode the group


Or you can edit and clean the DWG file in a CAD program using the ‘SelectSimilar’ command to select all the hatches and delete them. Then in SketchUp you can import and explode the component (DWG plan).
Although loose geometry should not be created unnecessarily.


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Seems to work well enough as a reference dwg to draw/model on top of. Perhaps just another example of how a vector PDF import feature would be a nice addition :wink:

Ran Eneroth FTP inside the component, as @colin suggested.
Then, used Selection Toys to delete the faces as @mihai.s suggested.
Exploded and it worked!
Thanks guys.

@SeanB yes, I agree!

@Mihai.S I don’t have any CAD programs. :frowning:


The earlier improvements won’t help 2017 users

I know, just thought I’d mention it anyway.

Thanks all!

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You shouldn’t mark your own post as the solution. It should be the one that gave you the answer.


@box it was a compilation. There was no one solution, everyone chipped in.

hi guys
solved :slight_smile:
thanks all

I know. Why?