Exploding components

When I explode a component the selection lines became very very big.
Please see the file attached
Thank you for help

I don’t see your model.

Sorry but I don’t find the option “attached file”

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The bounding box shows that at least the shower head, the hose and whatever that thing on the far left is are enclosed inside the component/group.

It would be easier to help you if you share the .skp file.

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Power socket on the left?

Maybe. Shower plumbing and a mains receptacle seem like good things to have together. :smiley:

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susana rocha.skp (11.0 MB)

When you explode a group or component, everything that was inside gets left selected, in case you might want to do something immediately with it. Your individual pieces have a lot of exposed lines which when all highlighted appear as thick lines, zoom in to see all the highlighted geometry.

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So I have your file but I’m not sure what the problem is with it. It’s kind of odd to have all those parts of the shower so far apart.

You are right.
Here in the Netherlands distance matters according to regulations. And proper installation!!!

I want to work with those parts separately, to place each in the wall
I import it from 3Dwarehouse

So you can open the component for editing and then make each part a component. Explode the large component after ward.


Or, Explode it once, then click away to deselect everything. Then drag a selection box around each piece one at a time and make each one a component of it’s own. Then move them. Same idea but Dave’s order avoids the potential of merging raw geometry by accident which is a good idea.

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Solved !!! :grinning:
Thank you very much

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It’s solved. Thank you

I suggested opening and making components of the parts before exploding the large component because of the potential of having the geometry merge with ungrouped geometry that might be in the model.