Explode doesn't do anything

I have this structure that was originally comonents in a group. I opened it, saved it to another directory, closed and reopened from the new directory. I selected all and hit explode. I then tried to select an indivisual component but no luck. Every time I selected one, the whole structure turned blue. I did this process numerous times and got the same results. This qualifies as insanity.
How do I get back to the individual components so I can modify this sketchup?

File >> Revert if it’s stop open…


Merged structure.skp (2.0 MB)

Why did you explode the components? And why would you expect them to still be components if you exploded them?

I am seeing no components in your file. Looks to me like you exploded one step too far. I think from reading your post that you intended to explode outer shell, returning this to a collection of individual components to work with (which could be accomplished by double clicking on the outer shell and editing within the group). If you selected all of the objects components and hit exploded you would turn them all back into raw geometry, which is what appears to be here in this model. Reverting to a previous version before exploding would be fastest or re downloading the rail piece from the warehouse and rebuilding, last choice would be selecting each piece individually and making everything a component again manually.

Also, at some point it looks like your axis was customized to have the blue not pointing up. This causes the gravity function of the orbit tool to be at odds with your model and can make navigating difficult. I right clicked on the axis line and selected reset to fix it.

Good to hear that all I did was go too far. Not hard to do when you’re as clueless about sku as I am. Thanks for the help!

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