Explode, Unmake & Remake Problem

I am working my way thru Tim Killen’s e-book "Sketchup guide for woodworkers. Pages 33 & 34 (Chapter 7) explain how to takes a saved ogee drawing component and use it to shape the front skirt on a magazine rack. The written instructions in the text don’t match the illustration comments and no matter what I do, I can’t get the result that Tim does. He calls this chapter precision drawing. First the saved ogee component is placed in the drawing and rotated, the positioned on a guide line. The u use move/copy, copy the shape, flip along red and move it to the other guide line. Here, I rotated the shape but the book doesn’t say to do that. Now u need to make the ogee components part of the front skirt component. To do that u have to explode or unmake them as separate components then make a new combined component. I right click and explode the ogee components but when I right click the skirt component, explode is grayed out and the rest of the procedure doesn’t woork for me. If any has done this procedure, would u kindly help me thru it.

Could you share the SKP file as you’ve got it? If you don’t want to share it publicly, you can send it in a PM.

Here is the file Dave. I hope I am doing the attachment right.
I am new 2 the forum.
Wayne the WoodworkerMag Rack 5.skp (40.4 KB)

You did it right, Wayne.

I’ll look at your file.

Hi Dave

Here is the drawing as I have it now.

Wayne the Woodworker
Mag Rack 5.skp (40.4 KB)

In the skp you uiploaded, the front skirt hasn’t been made into a component yet, and that may be throwing you off the sequence!

Got it.

Check your private messages. Click on the purple W in the upper right corner of the screen.

I don’t know how Tim’s process works for this exactly or whether the skirt not being a component affects it but with what we’re starting with; the profile component and the loose geometry for the skirt, here’s a process that works fine.

Thank u Dave.

Your method does indeed work.

God bless guys like u that help us idiots get started.

Wayne the Woodworker


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