Expand dash functionality. Bind dashes & color-by-layer to scenes

Note: the following example is using shaded mode and color by layer, with some transparent layer colors (first time I’ve used either of those features). It’s rendered in LayOut in raster mode.

Let dashes & color-by-layer be set per scene – in the following example, my dashed upper layer will be dashed in other scenes (such as building sections), and the layers will be colored in other scenes. Workaround: clone layers – but this results in a lot of extra layers per model, and requires re-cloning after changes.

Expand the dash functionality – at least add a blank line option. Even better, add per-layer (and per-scene) line styles which include line color & weight. In the following example, this would allow me to make the L1 floor framing layer less visually noisy.

PS here’s how Layout renders that scene in Hybrid mode. I really love this effect, but in this case it’s too obscuring.

FWIW, Since they are style properties, Dashes and Color by Layer can already be set per scene.

@DaveR … Well, in the style (and thus scene) you can toggle dashes or color-by-layer entirely. And that will actually help me in this case.

But I want to be able to have my ‘post-beam’ layer be dark grey in my ‘Isometric’ scene, and a different color in another scene.

And I want to be able to dash objects differently in different scenes.