Dashed lines applied to only selected scenes

When dashed lines are applied to a specific TAG, is it possible to NOT see those dashed lines applied in every single scene in the model?

Looking for a way to see dashed lines only in plan (for modeled objects) but NOT in every other scene in the model.

Can a Style be customized to do this?

Yes. It’s possible. Just edit the style for the scenes in which you don’t want to show the dashes and turn off Dashes in the Edge settings.

I don’t assign dashes to tags in LO. I save that for LayOut and only assign the dashes as needed there.

Could you elaborate a bit more on that? I don’t quite understand. Apologies. I don’t know how to apply dashes to anything but the Shape Stroke in LO, I add them in SU only.

I have made scene with HIDDEN LINE and BACK EDGES but the back edges do not show u in LO… I guess that is the wrong way to do it.

In the Tag section of the SketchUp Model panel I set the dashes style for the tag. See the screen shot in my previous post. I also have a set of styles that I can select from in LayOut so my SketchUp model only has one style. This reduced the number of scenes I need and helps keep the SketchUp model lighter.

For the following I have two viewports of the same scene stacked on top of each other. The selected one has the tag with dashes and the wireframe style so the hidden details–holes with counterbores show. The other viewport has no dashes applied to the tag.

Okay. How might I create a Style to show Hidden Line and Back Edges so it all shows up in LO?

You can edit the style in SketchUp. Turn on Back Edges in the Edge settings and set the Face style to Hidden Line.

I don’t use Back Edges because they are only displayed in Raster rendering in LayOut. When I want to show the internal details or back edges I use a viewport with the Wireframe style and give the tag(s) dashes. Looks better and also gives more contol over appearance.

Another quick example with dashes and wireframe applied to a viewport showing just the rails.Another viewport on top of that one showing all the tags but with standard Hidden Line and no dashes applied.