Existing file Terrain

I have opened a file that was created by someone else. How can I tell if they just have the Terrain hidden or turned off, or if there is not a terrain created for this drawing?


Try zoom extents and see if anything shows up. Under your profile you don’t list an operating system? it is either Mac or Windows. The video card is typically available from the device manager in Windows. If you post the file we can look and see if it contains any data

Can you share the file?

Thanks Mike,
I did try Zoom extents and nothing shows. Here is the file!

2021-11-05-Wright-Residence-house-model-concept-002-v002 (1).skp (6.2 MB)

I don’t see any terrain in the skp file. I am surprised there are not more tags for the various entities in the file.

If you have all tags set to visible, check View>hidden geometry and View>hidden objects then you are seeing everything in the file. In this case I also see no terrain. The file is not currently geolocated so if there ever was terrain is was likely not added through SketchUp. The file is a mess of grouped and raw geometry, it is not very well made.

Thank you for looking into this. I actually have another file that contains a different home design but does have the terrain built. Can the terrain be copied from the second file into the first?

Jennifer Scott
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assuming the files are identically placed, open the file with the terrain, copy the terrain to the clipboard, open the target file and EDIT>paste in place.

If the houses are not in the same xyz location in the two files then the process is the same except regular paste and move the terrain or house into position manually.

Are you really using SketchUp Free in your business as you indicate in your forum profile?

Perhaps. It depends on which version you are really using.

Currently I am working with their trial version to see if it can do what we are needing.

So it’s still SketchUp Pro. Please update your profile. That information helps us help you.

If the original model was geolocated but the terrain group was removed you could use File>Geo-Location to add the terrain in again. Might be easier and let you get exactly what you need instead of copying and pasting from another model.

The posted file is not geolocated

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I didn’t see that.

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I tried to look at the geo location details on the 2nd file to see if I can enter those into the first. However, I am not sure how to see those. I have posted the second file here in case there is something wonky that is not allowing me to find them.
Thank you!

Jennifer Scott
Tyner Construction
Interior Designer and Selections Coordinator

2021-11-05-Wright-Residence-terrain-model-003.skp (10.3 MB)

Look in Window>Model Info>Geo-Location.