Example fairly complex SketchUp+LayOut project

Inspired by the Shop Drawing thread, I thought I would share something I’m working on. I can’t often do this, but the client here has given permission.

This residential design (a remodelling of an existing house) covers the basic aspects of Engineering, Architecture, Interior & Landscape design. It also demonstrates variety of modelling and output techniques in one model and one layout file.

There are no special methods used here. No fancy extensions like PlusSpec or Skalp. No splitting a project into multple files. However the model is quite complex with approx 50 tags, 50 scenes and 20 styles.

It’s only concept design so doesn’t have the same level of detail as a Shop Drawing, but the model is accurate and quantifyable. There have been many iterations - but that’s what I aim to offer my clients - the ability to tweak and optimise the design, knowing they arent spending $$ on re-drawing stuff.
I may add futher construction details in future.

I prepared a twinmotion video. It’s super quick to do this, because all the detail is added in sketchup.
Twimotion just adds the wider environment context (water, boats, trees). Sitting down and “walking around” the project when fully rendered is very rewarding and leads to some good design improvements.

Twimotion video (warning it’s a 600mb file - and best to view at 1080p and slow the speed down!)


Very nice! The aerial photo is quite good. What was the source on that?

Wow, those 45° setbacks are quite a bear.

We have some nice aerial imagery and GIS data in New Zealand, provided by the government for free.

Yes the 2metres+45deg plane is pretty tough to stay within on a site that’s sloping nearly 45degrees in itself!

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