Evolution, in the right direction?

Evolution 1 : Now, I can’t reply to the comments
Evolution 2 : Now, I can’t see who like my models or my collections

You could make a feature request! (And describe in an understandable way what you want and what you are talking about.)

  1. Indeed only the total number of likes is shown, no list of “star gazers”. This has not recently changed. It has been like that for a long time (but long is relative if someone hasn’t been there for a long time).

    I remember the list of star-givers was often used as an efficient way to track down who gave you not enough stars, and make his life unpleasant. My impression is that 3D Warehouse has since “evolved” into a much more peaceful place.

  2. When I am logged-in, I can see a field “Post a comment” below my model where I am able to reply to comments.

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@Aerilius captured most of our feelings of why we removed it. In my opinion the old 3D warehouse has a sprinkling of some of the features of a social community but not really achieving that goal. The commenting system wasn’t really useful and the reply feature just created a mess. Based on the data and my observations the comments were not easily discoverable or engaging. So we simplified the comments to just have people comment and if you want to reply you can do so in the next line.

In terms of the who liked my model list. We felt that it wasn’t valuable and very few user’s clicked on it. This basically gave you a list of users who you had no idea who they were because the majority of profiles in the 3D Warehouse is empty. Then there were additional issues with that scenario also since if you did happen to find a user who you admire their work you weren’t able to follow them either. That list seemed to have a different intention but was utilized to solve a bigger issue which was discoverability of a good model.

Since the search capabilities has vastly improved that user list seemed useless. Once key hypothetical key features are introduced such as follows, trending models, notifications, some sort of news feed then those social media features will be more relevant and that will or could come back.

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Thank you for this answer and for this argument.
I was part of this minority that used the previous features, but improvement of the warehouse is more important.

And how does the deprival of the used components tab fit in?
Were there not enough clicks? It was only implemented a few months…
Will the material download option stay?

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I am anticipating a ‘Stock Response’ of " . . . we cannot talk about the future . . ."

The material download option is used frequently so it has been retained.