Everything dissapears when I zoom


I have been using sketchup pro for a while now, not on a daily base, so sometimes I forget things :wink:
But now I have a problem i don’t understand :
every time I zoom into my model , everything turns grey. by zooming out, nothing changes.
I already checked if everything is close to the axes, zoom extend, etc, but nothing can bring back my model, so I leave without saving and reopen it again which works.
I read something about wrong layers and tags, but I do not know if this is a problem here, but if yes, please someone explain me how to avoid it…
I recorded my screen, but somehow can’t upload the file up here…
any advice?

Can you post the SketchUp file that behaves badly for you?

system won’t let me upload anything :frowning: i get this message after 8% uploading (file size 139.833kB)

maybe good to add: if i select an object first and then zoom in, it turns grey… if nothing is selected, it zooms fine…

skp file to download here…

What you see is what is called “clipping”. It is caused by the extents of your model, especially because the lines in the imported DWG component are rather far (kilometers) from the component origin. Opening the component and moving the component axes near the content helped, as did hiding or deleting it.

You have an enormous amount of faces and edges for such a simple model. They reside mostly in the tents. I think that a more rudimentary tent component with the canvas stretched taut (=flat planes) would have served its purpose as well, with the file size reduced to a fraction of what it is now.

I moved the origin for the CAD file component to the model origin which helps. Also turning off the tags 1.1.1 and 1.1 while editing the objects in the camp eliminated the clipping.

I fixed incorrect tag usage…
Screenshot - 3_17_2021 , 6_35_17 AM

And purged unused stuff.
Screenshot - 3_17_2021 , 6_34_48 AM

I started running CleanUp3 but it has some time to run.

there’s something weird about this file. As Anssi and dave noticed, the 2D dwg imported plan is 3 km away from its origin. but deleting/fixing it doesn’t seem to resolve the problem. I get strange behaviours, randomly, while orbiting or zooming. sometimes getting grey screen, just like you, sometimes the camera just teleports hundreds of miles away and makes sketchup become unresponsive.

The huge amount of edges also lie in the 3D trees (ficus, etc.) that are on a hidden layer.

I notice that the component “AB ondergrondse leidingen 2017 (2).dwg#2” has it axes origin far from its contents. That could conceivably cause clipping issues, so I’d suggest changing its axes to be closer (via the right-click change axes menu item).

I wonder about your ultimate goals with this model. Are you going to build more structures in the model based on the ground plan, or is the existing campsite all? If the latter, you might trim down the rather large plans so as to reduce the spurious extent of the model. That would also help with clipping.

Others have already noted it, but several of the items in the model are highly detailed. For example the tents and some of the foliage. Are you going to do close up renders that justify this level of detail? If so, you need the details, but you will find it much easier to work with the model if you substitute lower poly proxy components for them until content is complete.

Thanks all about your input !!
I 'll delete the 3D trees, and changed the axes as suggested. I don’t know the Clean up3 - any thoughts about it?

clean up3 will remove unwanted/duplicated geometry and can’t do any harm, it’ll help you lighten your file.

Apparently, it’s your camping_tents components that cause you troubles. Can’t tell you why but if you edit one of them and explode multiple times the subcomponents/groups that are inside, problems gone !
It is strange, because usually subcomponents with misplaced origins are the sources of clipping or camera issues, and inside this one, none of them were.

Should it happen again, you can also hit “previous” (or camera > previous) instead of exiting without saving to recover from all-grey screen (that is likely to be the camera that has zoomed very very very close to the model, as I got it very very very far from it)

Edit : camping_tents might not be the only problem, but here’s a link to a fixed file : https://we.tl/t-M6UCmVL6Bj