Estimated large Revit import time into sketchup



Good day,
I’d just like a possible time indication of the import time for a 300Mb file from Revit into Sketchup.
The import time is currently 10 hrs.
I’m a CAD novice, thus not sure if I should continue to wait or stop the process.


which format?


I imported it as a DWG.


Exported it from Revit as a ACIS solid, 2013 version. Then imported into sketchup.
Now pending.


SU is a polygon modeler and therefore cannot cope with NURBS based ACIS solids/surfaces sothat they need to be slabbed into meshes during the import which creates a lot of facettes and therefore needs time… or fails.

Alternatively you may want export to the STEP format and import with the (commercial) SimLab STEP importer plugin (“Window > Extension Warehouse > Search: step”), the trial version provides 30x imports.


Thank you, I’ll give it a try.
Pity it’s been at it so long for nothing.

As I said I’m a novice, so what would my steps be from Revit to Sketchup using STEP. How do I get it or where.

Thanx again for helping in my state of ignorance.


The reason why I’m trying to import into SU from Revit in the first place, is as I want to import the model into lumion for rendering and as a direct export from Revit to Lumion gives me a white model, I’d rather have a white Revit model in sketchup which I can give colour fills easierband quicker than trying to figure out layer settings in revit or colouring in Lumion itself which turns out to be a very slow process as well.

Any time saving suggestions, as I’ve already lost ten hours of working time.

  • export form Revit to the STEP format
  • install the SimLab STEP import plugin as describe above or download from here and install by “Window > Extension Manager…”
  • import:

Alternatively you may want export to the IFC meta format which can represent polygon meshes as well as NURBS geometries or an other 3D polygon format as 3DS or OBJ or DAE… if supported by Revit.


Thank you very much
I will be sure to inform you of my success


I would use the face geometry option instead of solids when exporting from Revit to DWG. That would eliminate one step in the import conversion process.


Thank you


Is that the polymesh option when configuring export options for DWG?


Yes. I haven’t got Revit in my home computer so I couldn’t check the exact terms.


I followed your advice, and exported as a polymesh.

Then when I imported I got this message. Not sure if I did something incorrect during the export.
So it lead to the import failing.


I apologise for all the silly questions. I am a student and teaching myself as I go is my only option in learning CAD related programs. And this forum is helping a lot so far.


there is a really good tutorial for prepping Revit to export to SketchUp here



Oh my Word
Thank you
Definitely going to try it…
Makes utter sense

Thank you again for sharing the link.


So I followed the tut step by step, yet when I import I still get the error as shown above.
I tried polymesh and ACIS solids.
What could be causing this?


Found the problem
File format needs to be Revit 2013 dwg, for sketchup to import.


glad your on your way, how long was the import for it…

don’t be shy about thanking and liking the tutorials author…