Errors of launching SketchUp

Hi everyone

I have been having a issue of SketchUp for more than 1,2 years.
The issue is that some of the scenes created in the SketchUp suddenly become blank.
I am using this scene for LO to produce the 2D drawing. I always realize that the scene become blank when I update the model in LO file.

I assume this problem happening in Sketchp but not in LO because everytime I run into this problem I check the sketchup model and the scene is broken and blank.

I can fix this problem with using the extension “Eneroth camera memory”.
I save the camera location with “put to memory” and orbit a little bit and “retrieve from memory” and then update the scene.

However I do not want to waste my time for fixing these problem as I have so many scenes to fix.

Does anyone know about this problem to fix more radically?

It is related to fixes the SketchUp Team did for clipping issues. For me, after switching the camera to Perspective and back to Parallel Projection, and saving the scene, fixes the view in LayOut.

Thank you Anssi.
Ok I understand that I need to wait for the team to fix this.

I am afraid that the team isn’t likely to make any new changes to camera behaviour or revert the fixes they did last. You never know for sure, though.

Would it be simpler to just switch to Perspective, and back to Parallel Projection, and update?

I tried it but it did not work for me as it becomes too far when it get back to Parallel projection again.

I know it doesn’t keep the camera location but the scale and crop in my LayOut views was preserved.