Errors downloading from 3D Warehouse

Hi, Over the last 3 days I encounter errors when trying to download models from the 3D warehouse. The message says:" no download files available", after the model was found and previewed in the warehouse. Some models can be downloaded, but most not. I am a Pro user already for more than 5 years. This is the first time I have these download difficulties. Examples of files that do not download “Be pure rodeo bank”, “oven (flames007)”, “artifort F510”. I use MacBook Pro, MacOS High Sierra (10.13.6), Safari. Thanks for your advice

If you use SketchUp 2015 you are using an unsupported version of SketchUp.

Apparently unsupported means not only that you don’t get bugfix updates for the client application anymore (if there were any), but also that the development of related services and integrations does not consider compatibility with older client versions anymore.
Integration of cloud services is a big issue, because they (geolocation map, upload/download from 3D Warehouse) could suddenly be discontinued or moved to another URL, or just provide files in newer file formats (skp 2017-2019) that cannot be read from your version of the application.

What you can do:

  • Upgrade to a newer version of SketchUp or install a second newer copy for converting newer files to skp 2015 files.
  • By uploading a skp 2019 file to Trimble Connect and opening it in SketchUp Free you could download it as 2017 file.
  • Install this extension to open newer files in an older version of SketchUp.
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Please link to things on the internet, that is better than citing their name and expect people will find it.

Example models:

By the way, were you accessing 3D Warehouse through the components browser (Window → Components) or through the 3D Warehouse window (File → 3D Warehouse → Get Models…)?

Do not download directly through SU. Download from a regular browser. Then use Eneroth Open Newer Version.