Error with elliptical dome after Outer Shell


I have 2 groups

  1. brewing vessel with elliptical dome. Solid inspector2 OK
  2. tube Solid inspector 2 OK

I move the tube and connect it to the elliptical vessel
Solid inspector2 on both connected groups OK

I run the Outer Shell tool and the result produces a hole in the top part of the dome
Of course Solidinspector2 returns an error.
Picture 2

Could someone please explain what’s going on ?



If you upload the model we’ll have a better chance of determining the problem and its solution. You may omit some necessary detail from your description simply because you didn’t know it was relevant.



Scale it up by 10 or 100 and try again. Looks like a tiny faces issue.


first , thank you Gully and Box for taking some of your valuable time trying to help
Box: The brewing vessel is for a 1/120 scale model railroad layout so It is already scaled up by a factor of 1000. so should I scale it by a factor of 100 before using the outer shell tool or should I restart everything from zero and recreate the 2 objects with a scaling factor of 100000 ?

Gully, could you please indicate the link about how to upload a model ?

Yesterday was my 1st post so I was allowed only 1 picture.
Now is the picture before I run the Outer Shell tool and everything looks OK





Most likely the same button you used to add the image. You can also just drag and drop files into the message box and they will upload.


In principle I would model everything to full scale, even if the ultimate goal is to create a scale model.
To me the problem seems to be the insane amount of geometry you are using to model something that in the end will be a tiny detail. If the model is going to be 3D printed to 1/120 scale the print will still be much more coarse and if you used the standard 24 segment circles instead of a zillion there would be no difference in the final output.



Gully and Box, thank you for the info about uploading files.

Anssi, I designed the vessel with 256 sides for the circles , being a newbie I"m overcautious :smile:

Right now I’m starting allover again with 32 sides for the circles.I"ll let you know about the result.



All right, I redesigned the brewing vessel with 32 sides for the circles.

No Errors
Everything is Shiny
** :smile: **

My brewing vessel is now manifold and " beertight " .

Thank’s again for helping