Error with datasmith

Yes I’m still using SketchUp 2020. I’ve tried to reach out to datasmith but not had any luck.

Also I’m not sure what profile you are referring to? Thanks Dave

Your forum profile.

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Got it! I just changed it. Thanks

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FYI, … SketchUp Hardware and Software Requirements page says …

At this time, SketchUp has not been tested on and is not supported with either MacOS Monterey (12.0+) or Windows 11. If you’re using SketchUp on a production machine then we discourage updating your OS at this time. November 4th, 2021

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If anyone encounters such an issue, my solution was updating from sketchup 2020 version 20.1.x to 20.2.x

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Please tell me where can I get the version of Datasmith Exporter 4.26?
I can’t find it anywhere

On the Unreal plugin download page, scroll to the box with the SketchUp plugin,
and at the bottom of the box click the View Archived Versions link.

Then use the dropdown picklist control (just above the blue download button) to choose your desired legacy version.

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Thank you!
Now the error does not appear, but nothing else happens either. Datasmith does not appear in the toolbar. I have tried all archived versions that are compatible with sketchup 2020.
Do you have any other solutions to this problem?

I uninstalled all previous versions (4.26 and 4.27), then restarted my machine.
(I repeatedly tried to install v4.26 for only SU2020, with v4.27 still installed for SU2021, and no files would be copied even though the installer log said it ended successfully. So apparently their installers do not like to install older version when any newer versions are installed. Trying to run a Repair on the install also did not help.)

So, … I downloaded the new 5.0.2 and installed it for SU2020 … 2022. And it loaded without issues on SketchUp 2020. This time I left all suggested version boxes checked in the Datasmith install dialog.
The only thing I had to do was reactivate Datasmith within SketchUp’s Extension Manager. There were no errors on load and the Datasmith toolbar appeared floating near the top left of the modeling viewport.

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With the 2020 version, I didn’t succeed, but I installed the 2022 version and everything worked right away! Thank you very much for your help DanRathbun


I had the same issue, I change mi skp version to 2020 to 2021 and the datasmith 5 worked perfectly