Error when hiding components by Tags

I am on Sketchup Free using a Mac Desktop with latest IOS. I have created a model in which I have assigned different tags to different entities so that I can hide and unhide groups of entities. The assignment works fine and I check this by looking at entity info. However when I hide a tag, many entities from other tags also get hidden too. I have copied and pasted entities and changed the tag assignment on the new entity. Is the computer still looking at the old tag assignment? I have tried deleting a tag and recreating it and reassigning it but it still hides entities with other tag assignments.


first, it works best if you share the file with us. either directly here or using wetransfer / dropbox / other

second, you probably have stuff multi-tagged : say you have two cubes. one is tagged A, the other B. then you group the two cubes, and you tag that group A.
technically, hiding tag A will hide both cubes. But there is a cube that is also on tab B. so hiding tag B will hide this specific cube.

even worse, if you tagged raw geometry, things that were not groupes / composed yet, as you could have the top face of a cube in tag A, the rest in tag B, then the grouped cube in tag C and so on.

If your problem is the first problem (stuff tagged in several places), you’ll have to go in there manually and checked the elements that dessaper. not just the elements but also the sub elements and so on.

if you have a raw geometry problem, you could use this extension

it’ll push all raw geometry to untagged.

But again, without seeing your file, it’s mostly speculation


Not necessarily related, but your description and forum profile, about what version on which operating system and device is very confusing…

The current free version of Sketchup is web based it is running in a web browser. But you are referring to Mac Desktop, and mentioning the operating system of iPad (IOS).
In your profile you have an older version of OSX mentioned… and missing the Licence type, and Sketchup version.

Can you please clarify this by updating your forum profile. Thanks!

As @ateliernab asked, please share the .skp file so we can see what has happened to your model. It’s not your “computer still looking at the old tag assignment.” I’m sure this is not a bug in SketchUp.

Also please update and complete your forum profile.

Many thanks for your prompt assistance; yes I made the mistake at the start of forgetting to create entities and my entities may be mixed together. I will go back and check that.
I have been using Sketchup for many years now off and on. I have looked at Manage My Account on the web but there does not appear to be a way to update any data on myself apart from adding my address and a backup email. If you like to tell me how to do this I will correct the information you referred to.

Hi Dave,

Many thanks for your prompt response. Yes I think it is my fault for getting entities muddled up together. I should know better. I attach the file as requested. It is an underground metro station on the Manila Metro. We are bidding for a new tender.

kind regards
Anthony Sullivan

Kalayaan Avenue Station.skp (297 KB)

Yes. This is not a SketchUp bug. Maybe a user bug. You do have tags assigned to some edges and faces in the model. This is the result of fixing them.
Screenshot - 5_24_2023 , 8_43_50 PM
Clearly this kind of thing can cause the problem you are having.

Please correct and complete your profile. It is way out of date.

So this is a commercial use. You need to be using SketchUp Pro or at least SketchUp Go, not SketchUp Free. Really Pro would be appropriate so that you’d have LayOut to use to create the proposal for the bid and other documentation.

Sketchup free doesn’t allows the installation of plug-ins.

Thanks Dave, Could you tell me how to fix them? I have tried searching for them and correcting them but I cannot be sure I have found them all.

On sketchup free the only way to do it is going through every group or component get inside of them select all the loose geometry and on the entity info tray select untagged instead of whatever tag is it assigned, if the tag info is empty it means there are 2 or more tags assigned to the elements that are selected. If you have a the possibility to get a desktop version you can use a plugin to assign all the geometry to the “untagged” tag, it’s called default tag geometry.

Oh yeah, my bad, I checked the profile, not the message, and since in the profile there is no mention of its version…

but as DaveR said, if it’s a job on the manilla metro, it should be Pro, not free.

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