Error when entering Polar Coordinates

I have been attempting to use Polar Coordinates to draw lines, however each time I enter using the format (^angle, Length) I receive an error ‘invalid length entered’.

Where did you read about entering polar coordinates in SU?

There is no polar coordinate provision in SU. However, you can still use the polar data to plot edges one parameter at a time. In other words, draw a line of the requisite length going north and then rotate it around its own end point to the correct bearing (or, draw it along any axis and then rotate it).


It sounds as if you’ve been trying a plugin and not one of SketchUp’s native tools.
If so, could you share the name of the script?

I am also having this problem, yet the drawing basic lines tutorial (Drawing Basic Lines | SketchUp Help) says:

When you select the Line tool, the Measurement’s box is ready for you to type precise points, or coordinates, to define your line. Here’s how to use the Measurements box:

  1. Click in the drawing area or type an absolute coordinate value to set the starting point. Absolute coordinates are measured from the upper-left corner of the drawing area. For example, to set the starting point shown in the following figure, type an absolute coordinate of [2“,3”] and press Enter (Microsoft Windows) or Return (Mac OS X).
  2. After you define the first coordinate, you can define the second coordinate, or end point, with one of three coordinate types: absolute, relative,** or polar**…

    Coordinate Type How It Works Example
    Absolute Values are measured from the upper left of the drawing area. The first value is the X, or red, axis. The second value is the Y, or green, axis. [5",8"]
    Relative Values are relative to the line’s starting point. 3,0
    Polar The first value is an angle, measured counter-clockwise from the positive X axis. The second value is the number of default units from the line’s starting point. ^45,2"

OOps sorry, just re-read the heading of the Web page - seems this is for LayOut :flushed:

Yes. This method works great in LayOut. It’s not for SketchUp, though. :wink: I bet that’s what the original poster was reading, too.

I am trying to make the polar coordinate work in LO but - for some ? reason ? the ^key doesnt enter into the dimension bar

Are you clicking in the measurements box before you start to type? If so, don’t. Just start to draw a line, let go of the mouse and type ^A,d and hit Enter. A is the angle and d is the length of the line.

I have noticed that when you type the ^ it doesn’t show in the measurements box until you type the first character for the angle.

'k thanks! i will try it and report back!

Well, this didnt work for me. I am on a mac - could it be that i need different keys or sequence?

I doubt it but I’ll fire up my Mac when I get home and see what I get.

thanks! i am just not sure what i am doing wrong…

Could be something simple like not holding your tongue right. :smiley:

So I just tried this on my Mac and it works the same way as it does on my PC.

What do you use as a decimal separator?

well, i haven’t used a decimal.

Clicked a line, let go, then type ^45,6 (for a 45 degree angle at 6 inches)
but it shoots out to -10 degree angle (or so) with a length that shoots off the page so that I can not even see the whole thing…

Still, what character do you use as a decimal separator? In SketchUp when you draw a rectangle do you use a comma or a semi colon between the length and width?

ah, got 'cha. Just a plain comma


That’s very strange. If you are typing it exactly as you show, I can’t see anything wrong with the input. What do you mean by “clicked a line”? Are you clicking to set the second end? If so, don’t. Click and release to set the first end and move the mouse to make a line. Don’t click a second time. Then type the angle and length.

Yes, this is strange! I am doing exactly what you say (and definitely NOT clicking a second end to the line…) My next thought is this: I use a spanish key board on a Mac so maybe that is the problem. I will see if I can follow that lead to resolution. Thanks so much for your continued help!

Are you doing this during siesta time? :smiley:

Try using a semi colon instead of a comma then.

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