Line with the dimension and the angle

I just downloaded SketchUP and I am trying to use LayOut.
I use Draftsight.
I am trying to draw la line using the length and the angle and I can not do it.
the command used in Draftsight is @length,angle
What is the exact chain to type in the command box on the lower right corner to get the right line.
Thank for your help.

You can draw a line and rotate it to a given angle if you like. Or you can enter the relative endpoint coordinates if you know them. LayOut is not a CAD program like Draftsight. It is a tool for creating documentation from SketchUp files.

Hi Dave.
Thanks very much for your help
I am trying to draw the line as it is described on the tool Help but when I type:
<43,10 the chain is refused as no valid.
Would you know where the mistake is?
Thanks again
Jean Pierre

There’s a big difference between < and ^. Try the latter.

A screenshot from the Help article.

Hi jpmarty, hi folks.

Have you set your regional settings to use , as the decimal separator and ; as the list separator ?

If so, separate the two values with a semi-colon ;



Hi everybody.
I think the problem may come from the fact I did not set my regional setting.
But I have no idea how to do it…
Can you help me on that, too.
Thanks in advance.

Settings->Language & Region

(which may already be translated to something if macOS automatically detected some region for you).

But that has to be done on the Mac settings, Not on LO settings, isn’t it?
If so, it should be done since my keyboard works properly.
But when I try to type ^on the LO dimension box, it doesn’t work…

Yes, that is macOS system settings. Keyboard preferences can be selected independently of basic region settings. I don’t think LO has its own separate region settings.

This is already done.
But there is no way to type ^ in the dimension box

Can you type ^ in other things such as a text editor? Just exploring whether this may be an aspect of your keyboard as opposed to Layout itself.

Yes, it works on Pages…
But noway on LO

Hi Jean-Pierre, hi folks.

By your question I deduct you don’t have a keyboard that shows the ^ character.

Do you use Mac OS in French or English ?

I use it in French but I will try to guess the English equivalent ? I am asking because of your name which appears French to me.

Try this:

1 - Open the System Preferences from the Apple Menu.

2 - Click on Keyboard.

3 - On the dialog window that opens, check the last checkbox that offers to shows emojis, symbols and keyboard layout on the menu bar.

4 - Close the dialog window. A new icon appears on the menu, on the right side.

5 - Click on the icon.

6 - Try the second choice that should be something like keyboard visualizer. A small keyboard image shall appear.

7 - If you don’t see the ^ in the small image of keyboard, try pressing the Alt key or the Shift key or both Alt and Shift and observe if the ^ character appears.

8 - If nothing works, try the other menu choice that offers to show emojis and symbolsi.

9 - Choose Punctuation. You shall see the ^ character.

10 - Click on it and the description shall show CIRCUMFLEX ACCENT. You may even add it to your favorite.

11 - Double click on it and it will be inserted at the cursor position in whatever program you are using.



Bonsoir Jean.
You are wright: I am French But…
I use a Spanish keyboard because I live in Spain.
I do have the ^ character on my keyboard and I works will all software except on LO.
This is very strange…
thanks for your help
Hope we are going to find how to solve the issue.
Jean Pierre