[error unexpected file format]

Thank you so much! What was the problem? Maybe the trees from warehouse???

Thank you so much Colin, you are a godsend.

do you have a special sketchup version? or how can you open the files?

I tried, but couldn’t get anything useful out of your file.

Something people are doing can lead to the data in the file being incorrect. We’re still trying to figure out exactly what action it is that causes that. I have utilities that can cope with the errors.

Please help me my recovry project


Did you make this model in SketchUp for Schools (the web based version) that your profile says you are using? If not, what version are you actually using? If SketchUp Pro, can you share the .skb backup copy of your file?

sketchup pro 2023 business edition

Please correct your forum profile. Bogus information in your profile doesn’t help us help you.

Do you have the .skb file to share?

thanks, update profile

Unfortunately that file isn’t any better. Where have you been saving it? In the cloud?

Thanks for updating your profile.

I was backing up to my desktop. Could you please check the other files?

From where? They all seem to be corrupted.

turkey, big problem, Do you have any other solution suggestions?

It’s the weekend here and @colin is not on the clock. He might still look in this weekend but I wouldn’t expect anything. And it’s leading into a holiday on Tuesday.

My suggestion would be to go ahead and get started rebuilding the model while you wait for him to look at it. He may or may not be able to recover anything.

And in the future don’t let Turkey store your files.

maybe it can be helpful. I installed EvolveLab-Veras and also opened lumion.

Maybe but I wouldn’t expect those to corrupt your SketchUp files. In any case, if you need the model, don’t wait around hoping they can be fixed. Get busy rebuilding it and make sure you are saving it on your local drive.

I was able to recover that file:

Looks like Colin was able to get your file recovered for you. It would be a good idea to clean it up before you move forward.

Fix incorrect tag usage.
Screenshot - 7_1_2023 , 10_52_38 AM
Purge unused stuff.
Screenshot - 7_1_2023 , 10_53_02 AM
42% file size reduction and improved performance.
test recovered and purged.skp (14.5 MB)

Hi @colin
Any chance you could work your magic on my fine too please.
Rectory Farm_Kitchen_v3.skp (10.0 MB)