[error unexpected file format]

You, my friend, are a genius!!! Thank you!!!

It’s good that Colin was able to recover your model. It would be a good idea to clean it up before you proceed to add to it so that you might avoid future problems. I fixed incorrect tag usage, purged unused and reduced the huge textures in the model to something more reasonable. This reduced the file size by nearly 70%.
Screenshot - 5_24_2023 , 12_00_29 PM

Screenshot - 5_24_2023 , 12_01_03 PM

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In addition to the tips Dave gave, I notice you have Edge Style/Profiles turned on. Turning that off will help with performance.

Thank you all!

Yeah, I was trying to group to items and make them a single component.

Hi can anyone help? Unexpected file format in my project
Thanks and regards to the team

I tried, and currently could not recover the file. I’m hoping that a developer will be able to help.

Unfortunately I am also experiencing the error unexpected file format and can´t even open the Skb file. I really hope to get help in recovering this file since I am on a deadline and would appreciate it so much if I didnt have to start all over.


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@colin :point_up_2:t3::pray:t3:

Sorry I didn’t see that earlier. I recovered the file:


Thank you very much! This means alot.

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I have the same problem kindly recover my file


I have tried renaming the .skb to .skp
But it still shows ‘unexpected file format’ error
How I can rectify this?

This is the link to the file:

I could only recover materials and components, nothing in the scene. You will need to look in the Components tray and see if there are any components than include large parts of you model, so that you can rebuild the scene.

I am unfortunately also experiencing the unexpected file format error with both my .skp and .skb files.
I would really appreciate if you had the time to take a look. @colin


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Same Problem! error unexpected file format:

I recovered the file:

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I recovered the file:

@colin can you help recover my file too?
Untitled-0.skp (32 KB)