[error unexpected file format]

You, my friend, are a genius!!! Thank you!!!

It’s good that Colin was able to recover your model. It would be a good idea to clean it up before you proceed to add to it so that you might avoid future problems. I fixed incorrect tag usage, purged unused and reduced the huge textures in the model to something more reasonable. This reduced the file size by nearly 70%.
Screenshot - 5_24_2023 , 12_00_29 PM

Screenshot - 5_24_2023 , 12_01_03 PM

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In addition to the tips Dave gave, I notice you have Edge Style/Profiles turned on. Turning that off will help with performance.

Thank you all!

Yeah, I was trying to group to items and make them a single component.

Hi can anyone help? Unexpected file format in my project
Thanks and regards to the team

I tried, and currently could not recover the file. I’m hoping that a developer will be able to help.

Unfortunately I am also experiencing the error unexpected file format and can´t even open the Skb file. I really hope to get help in recovering this file since I am on a deadline and would appreciate it so much if I didnt have to start all over.


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@colin :point_up_2:t3::pray:t3:

Sorry I didn’t see that earlier. I recovered the file:


Thank you very much! This means alot.

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I have the same problem kindly recover my file