Error on Component Options window when downloading in window

Did that help? Is this scheduled to be fixed in an update?

On my PC.
The [601]error has occurred if initial of a name of a folder that contains my SketchUp files is lowercase ‘u’.
It’s solved by replace the lowercase ‘u’ with a uppercase ‘U’ in the following manner.

C:\u**** >>> C:\U****

I just had the same problem on my new laptop (1 month old). I just been install sketchup 2017(yesterday) (on top of 2016) maybe that’s what causing the problem. I don’t know because I barely work with my new laptop with skp2016. Maybe problem was there before!

Anyway, the problem was happening when I was clic on COMPONENT OPTION or COMPONENT ATTRIBUTS. I get the popup: error callback… [601]

My fix: I simply redownload skp, run the installer of 2016 again, then choose repair… then reboot: no error message anymore.

Maybe installing 2017 mess a bit with my 2016, and by running a repair on 2016, it put stuff back in place. I will be able to confirm that, I’m about to install 2017 on my desktop where I also have 2016 installed. A suivre… I’ll keep you informed.

Still having the same issue with SU 2016 and now same issue with SU 2017! Please pay attention to this “Support” group.test.skp (68.3 KB)

If I

  1. Open this file in SU 2017
  2. Create a cube
    2.1 Draw rectangle from corner to corner
    2.2 push pull the rectangle surface up
    2.3 select the new cube
    2.4 Edit -> Make Component -> Create on the new component dialog box with all options defaulted
  3. Click on the Component Options dialog box with the new component selected
  4. Get these errors

I have had this issue on 3 separate computers now with 2016 and now with 2017


Thank you very much for your patience on this issue. Based on your observations I have confirmed that the DC error occurs when a folder name or a file name starts with lowercase “u”. I cannot thank you enough for finding this elusive bug !


@yogesh - can we have more of an explanation about this bug such as how to reproduce it?

@jim_foltz, On a windows machine, create a folder name starting with lowercase “u” (e.g. “uber”), save the test.skp provided by @myhvac in this folder, follow the steps outlined in his post, the error should occur !

I see - and confirm - the error when creating a dc in a folder starting with the letter “u”. What an odd thing. All I can think is the Windows folder separator character “” followed by “u” was getting confused for unicode?

Thanks, Great information. :+1:

I got exactly the same problem with Sketchup Pro 2017 on Windows 10, x64.
I have spent several hours trying to understand why Dynamic Component didn’t work.

Moving the file to another folder that don’t start with “c:\u…” did the trick. :grinning:


I have similar issue with dynamic components. I am running Windows 10 x64 and Sketchup Pro.
When I create dynamic component, everything works. But, when I save the file and try modify dynamic component I get error message “No entity data returned” and then "ERROR: Call back function error … "
I found that it has something to do with file location. When saved in Document folder, it works fine.
Any reason why? Thanks.

Check the path name where the file was stored. Top level cannot start with the letter “u”.

My path was C:\usr\emerson\dropbox.
Moving to another path works (c:\temp\usr\emerson\dropbox).

BR / e

Hi, thanks for your reply, but my path looks: e:\xVx\RC\Fiesta WRC 2017\fiesta WRC 2017 - 001.skp
As you can see there is no “u” letter. The problem must be somewhere else.

What happens if you copy the file to another folder (for example e:\temp).
Does it work there?

It doesn’t appear this issue has been addressed yet by the developers. It just started happening to me yesterday (4/19/17). I use SketchUp almost daily, and the only change to my system that I’m aware of since SU was last working properly on my machine is a Windows Update earlier this week.

This issue is definitely related to the directory path, and does not occur for me until I SAVE the file for the first time.

Generally, I save my files on my desktop: C:\Users\user\Desktop, but now I cannot, due to this issue. In my case, the issue is related to the “user” directory. If I save within a differently named user folder, or save a level up (i.e., within C:\Users) I have no problem.

This problem occurs regardless of the SketchUp version I try (15, 16, or 17), and updating or reinstalling the Dynamic Components extension does not resolve the issue.

Anyway, saving my files to a different location is not the end of the world, but on the other hand, such a bizarre issue is really not acceptable either. This really should be an easy fix for the developers.

Hope this was helpful.

Thank you.

if your really using ‘user’ as your user name, then the issue has been discussed before…

the problem arrises due to the \u in the path…

it tells the OS to look for a unicode character which ‘ser’ is not…

so the path fails…

there are a few others…


Yes, but I’ve been using this machine for 4+ years with no issue. And then all of a sudden it was. What changed?

Maybe that Window update?

The code "\x" is also an escape sequence beginning a hexadecimal number value.
Also "\f" is the escape sequence for formfeed.

\a - BELL
\t - TAB
\x - hexadecimal value for character
\o - octal value for character
\u - unicode number for character

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can you please provide information why this has not been fixed for version 2018 resp. when you will fix this issue… for all escape sequences of course (see above)?

Hi! here to report that it’s a really silly bug and it’s still happening in late september 2019.
I’m astounded to know that such a small glitch is still lurking after years from the initial spotting.