Error Message when clicking link to start Sketchup for Web

Regardless of browser, when I try to go to Sketchup Free and click the Start Modelling button, or go to Personal Pricing Free option and click to start, I get an error message that says “Oh No, It looks like you are offline, please ensure you are connected to the internet.” I have used the free version in the past, and I am clearly online. How do I get in? The company clearly has no customer or technical support for the free program, regardless of what the website says.
Thanks! Dan

What version of Windows are you using? Please add that to your profile.

Try clearing the browser caches and see if you can sign in after that.

I didn’t think the online version would do an online check, but in the desktop version we now test to see if you’re online.

Do you have blocked for any reason?

not that I know of, how would I check?

The easiest way would be to try to open in the same browser and see what happens.