Error in importing DWG file

I tried to import a “.dwg” file in SketchUp 2019 (I have to use this version for compatibility with the OpenStudio SketchUp Plugin).

The problem is that I can’t see the right drawing, but only a strange preview.

Here’s the window which appears after import:


and this is the drawing I see, and it’s not correct:

Do you know which could be the cause?

I attach here the “.dwg” file too:
Disegno.dwg (198.3 KB)

Clean your DWG file before you import it

or clean your SKP model after import.

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Thanks for your help!

I’m a newbie so, after googling, I tried to use the “purge” command in Autocad, and the CleanUp³ SketchUp Plugin, but with no success.

Maybe are you able to clean this file?

In SketchUp, right-click on imported component and Edit. Select all edges you don’t need and Erase them. Then move the plans near origin.

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I solved by editing the DWG file directly in Autocad.

Thank you.

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