Error importing maps please help

I don’t know much about this software my girlfriend is using it for her town planning degree but when we import a map the area we are wanting to use stays white, we’ve cleared chrome and Edge cahes and cookies and uninstalled twice but we still can’t get it to load please can someone help in really simple to understand layman’s terms!!

What, exactly, is the location?

The corner of Southwark Street and Southwark Bridge Road London se1 1ru, just above flat iron square, when in 17 times zoom it shows it without the square but then says error importing, when you zoom to 18 the white square appears

This is what I see at zoom level 18. I wonder if it’s a server issue.

Here’s the imported geo-location stuff.
Southwark Bridge Road.skp (1.9 MB)

Amazing no idea why it didn’t work but what you sent worked perfectly thank you much appreciated!

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