Error Export PNG to OBJ transparency


I import a transparent image .PNG in Google sketchup make then I export to .OBJ and then I’m work in aumentaty author (AA - augmented reality program), finally in AA I export to mobile but when I’m going to see in iPad the transparency in image is black.

I think is the Google Sketchup that don´t export .OBJ with transparency.
Can you help me please? Is anything wrong with the export in sketchup?

Many Thanks

OBJ itself doesn’t have transparency support. OBJ only contain information about 3d geometry. It do refer to external texture files for some materials,

Sounds like the issue is when you export from AA. Do things look right in AA after importing from SU?

Btw, Google sold SketchUp in 2012 - since then it’s been Trimble SketchUp.

Friends …bitmap file types that can be transparence of the first and currently only type of gif course, try to open it in Photoshop and then save it, just open and save them because only intact photoshop can give the impression of transparency. may be useful

Yes. I do.
And if i test the final file exported by aumentaty author in the PC work good, but if i exporte to phone the transparency is black.

I dont know what i need to do??!?!

the same thing, probably due to the resolution of PC and Phone is different so it can not be configured in Phone