Error, curser when dragging stays where it has been


I just recently installed the new version of SketchUp Make (Version : 15.3.331 64 bit). It was running fine for about 4 hours untill i tryed to render some images out through Vray. Ever since i imported a model from the 3D wearhouse i have been encountering cursor issues, sluggish performance and un expected issues with scaling models within the program. I tried turning the Vray plugin off and unistalling and re installing Sketchup Make but this did not fix the issue.

I was woundering if anyone has a resolve to this issue and could please assist in helping me. I have reverted back to using SketchUp 2014 which is running fine as it always has.

Please find attached a screen shot of the cursor issue ;

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My PC specs are:

Alienware M17x R3 - Intel i-7 2860QM - 16 GIG RAM

GPU - 580M (4days old(replacement))

It’s is almost certainly a Graphics Card issue.
Check the Preferences > OpenGl settings in v2014 AND v2015.
Alter the one that is failing so it matches…
If that still fails, then try various combos of the OpenGl settings etc to see which is best.
Also look at updating your GC drivers to be the most current…

PS: You can drag/drop and copy/paste images directly into your posts - linking off to another site is likely to discourage people from helping...
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Sorry im new didnt know, will do that from now on.

I dont see any issues when i look at the Prefernces > OpenGi Settings in either v2014 and v2015.

i wouldnt have thought it to be a GPU issue as its a new card and it was working fine untill 4 hours into using the updated version. I also ran a diagnostic tool to make sure it isnt having any issues and it came back fine.
ill try updating my driver for my GPU again but i had to downgrade because it was casuing other issues on my PC.

If anyone else has an idea what it could be please let me know.
Thanks again.


The GC affects OpenGL use.
Are the OpenGL settings the same for both v2014 and v2015 ?
What is your GC make/spec ?
Is it set to allow the 3d application to choose its own settings ?
If not set it so…

Issues with OpenGL drivers and hardware can exist undetected until an application tries to use the affected capability. Because it uses OpenGL intensively, SketchUp is often the first or only application to run afoul.

Great news!!

I just check my NIVIDIA interface to see if there where any new drivers avalible and i noticed they had released a new driver from the previous one i was using from November 2014 a couple of days ago. Installed the new one, rebooted and tah-dah.

The issue has gone, and many other issues i was having with the Nov 2014 Driver!

Sorry to bug you guys with this silly issue, hope this helps for anyone else with a 500 series Geforce GTX.

Thanks again for the assistance.

Kind Regards,

(Hope this is a permanate fix to the issue!)

GPU Specs:

Old Driver > Driver Version (12/11/2014)
New Driver > Driver Version (11/05/2015)