Error 48078

what is error 48078?

It would be nice to have a little more information.
What did you do when the error occurred? Where do you see this number? Can you make a screenshot?

What SketchUp version do you use? What operating system do you use? Can you please fill out your profile with proper data?

Worked on Sketchup 2021 Pro last night from a remote location (work) and wanted to pick up where I left off this AM from the home office. Clicked the shortcut and get an instant bugsplat; rebooted, found a windows 10 update that need to be install, got it installed, rebooted, clicked the SU2021 Pro icon on the dashboard (in lieu of the shortcut) just in case the shortcut was messed up for some reason and got an instant bud splat, error 48078 each time.

IT is removing in right now to see if they can figure it out; once there was a video card incompatibility issue but nothing has changed in over a year so…

Its a full version windows 10, not just the piggy back upgrade from 7 and I have a very fast system with 64 men that typically never fails me

Im working on my laptop now as the ‘outer is being worked on remote by IT so no screen shots. The question was: what is error 48078? Is it a video card error, an out dated license?

Just out of curiosity, what was the location of the saved file?

This sounds like a Windows error. When you search for that error message there are pages that come up that have nothing to do with SketchUp.

Thanks, DaveR

IT could’nt get it to work so they removed the program, reinstalled, and restricted to only use the one video card. Don’t know the reason why but it was over 2-hrs work for a guy that is exceptionally sharp with computers to get me back running. Nothing funky in the pas 12 hours working with it.
Appreciated your effort.