Eraser not working in Chrome

I’m fairly new to Sketchup but I can’t make the Eraser work like the video tutorials where they hover the eraser circle over the edge. It seems almost impossible to click an edge to erase it, and click/drag over the edge does nothing at all let alone delete all the edges I drag over. I have the latest version of Chrome. Am I missing something obvious?

Hard to say. Can you share a model in which this happens? I’m not having any difficulty with the Eraser tool in Chrome.

Using a trackpad or mouse? With a mouse, you need to press the leftmousebutton and hold it down. Releasing the LM button should then erase the selected edges.

I’ve played around a bit. I am using a Trackpad (with Sketchup set to Trackpad settings). I tried a simple in-plane rectangle with a cross across the centre points of the sides.

  • I think the eraser “hotspot” is just super-sensitive when clicking. I have to be pixel perfect so it can take a few clicking attempts to hit the line. The Select tool is much more forgiving in terms of clicking near rather than exactly on a line, so it’s more reliable to Select the line then press “Delete”
  • If I click-drag to select multiple lines, it does work but only if I drag fairly slowly. If I drag too quickly some of the lines along the drag path don’t get selected, if I do the same thing slowly they all get selected.

Just something I need to get used to I guess!

In all versions there is a tiny lag as the eraser drags over edges. You have to learn the required pace. The size of the click window might depend on screen resolution, making it a bit fussy.

Yes, I think this will be much easier with a mouse than a trackpad. Odd that Select seems so much less fussy than Eraser, just one of those things I guess. It also seems odd that it would miss intermediate edges when dragging, but again just a question of learning the required pace I guess. I’ll get back to modelling now :slight_smile:

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