EPS to SketchUp (Arabic text)

I am having trouble with eps import

allah resülü.ai (274.2 KB) allah resülü.eps (5.3 MB) allah resülü.skp (125.8 KB)

What exactly is the trouble?

I do not know english

line is not smooth

line is not smooth

export a dxf from ai and import that into SU…


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@john_drivenupthewall gave good advice. You might get acceptable results using Smooth Contours from Fredo6’s Curvizard. Make sure you have the latest LibFredo6 files installed, too.

Prior to exporting, select your curves and add control points (perhaps a couple of times) and straighten out the result. In this way you have more control of the result than when letting SketchUp convert the Bezier curves to “polylines” by itself. Also, try using a larger import unit when importing the DXF, like Centimeters instead of Millimeters.