Entourage for theatre audience

I wonder if anyone has knowledge of, or has made, 2d or low-poly 3d models of a British theatre audience? I can’t find anything directly useful from google searches in either the 3D warehouse, or other online sources for entourage or even many images,

I have found some individual 2d models of seated people, and if all else fails, will try to put them into 3D models of our Main Stage and Studio theatres. But they are somewhat over-detailed, not very varied, and mostly have a North American/USA look.

For the main stage, mainly rear views of people would be good, and I could use a straightforward view of whole rows of the audience from behind.

But for the Studio, I’d really like 2d face-me models of many different individual people viewed from front, back and side, as the seating arrangement can include seats facing in at least two, and up to three or four, different directions round the acting area.

Thanks in advance if anyone can help

This is a difficult one for sure. Some resources for decent low poly 3D humans would be formfont. For 2d people Mrcutout has a lot of people, however, not necessarily seated but you may only need top halves?
Is this only seen in sketchup or will it be rendered. If rendered, the 3D poeple would be better to catch interactive light from the stage. The problem you will have with 2D face me people is that you describe seating is in many directions, so the problem will come when you are looking across seating it will look like people have spun around in their chairs to face you (if they are front profiles) as you would expect to see side profiles from that position. As a look, you might use the low poly 3D people from formfont (or elsewhere) and make them all grey in color, even slightly transparent. This would give the model the physical characteristics/representation of an audience and avoid the repetition but would look correct from any angle, the silhouette nature of this would also feel acceptable to illustrate an audience. To get specifically a British look seems like a tall order. You might have to get photos of theater audiences and comp them in photoshop. Not sure what the seating capacity is but the the poly count could grow. I’ve had do similar, but the emphasis is usually the space and the stage and the audience is not the focus of attention?

It is, really, so I don’t want to go overboard on the audience. But I thought, if it isn’t too much effort, that it would be good to get the feel, particularly for a studio production, of the audience around the acting area
and set.

Thank you for that suggestion - I’ll have a look to see what they offer. I’ve heard of the site, but not previously had occasion to look.

That sounds a great idea - I’ll certainly give it a go. Almost certainly the most satisfactory balance between form and viewpoints.

That would indeed be an issue. In principle, I could overcome it with the use of scenes, where in the view presented by the scene, different orientations of the face-me people could be turned on or off. For static views, that could work - front facing people in the further seats, back views for the near ones, and sideways seated for the rows of seats on left or right.

But in practice, the seating angles aren’t so clear cut.

Here’s a couple of illustrative images of recent studio sets and seats - I’ve made the walls transparent from the outside so you are looking through them, and only see the edges. One has three sides of seats, the other just two. The studio normally has 78 seats, the main auditorium 240, but I only need rear views in 2D (not even face-me) of people in the front couple of rows for the main auditorium - just over 30 seats.

I’ll do some more work on the 3D grey people idea - it sounds likely to be a good way of indicating the audience, without giving it too much emphasis.

PS. Just looked quickly at FormFonts site - they have four sets of four 3D people sitting as audience members, and a few more seated individual figures that might fit.

Greyed out, repeated but mixed up to avoid over-repetition, that ought to work well. Need to do other things first, though, so it will be at least some days, maybe a couple of weeks, before I can get back here to post results.

Hmmm. Large fly in the ointment.

It seems I can’t just buy a few models and download them, but have to subscribe for a minimum of a year at $199.

Unfortunately, for a small amateur theatre, with no pressing need for this enhancement to our set models, just my personal desire to make them look that bit better, that’s more money than it’s worth.

If I were a professional, for whom (they say) FormFonts is designed, that would be a bargain, but not in this case for me or our theatre.

here is a quick mock up - very crude (i hadn’t seen your space) but just to illustrate the concept. This was just using 3 different formfont people. The people could be “smoothed”

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I don’t subscribe any more, but I have accumulated a small library of downloaded figures that I use occasionally, but I am now using axyz 3d people for work as they are realistic - but high poly.
You can use non-seated people too…in the example only one was seated and I just copied the legs over. The others were standing people who I chopped the lower half off.

in the 3d wharehouse - if you search for 3d people sitting there are a few that i think would be great…you can find some variation in standing people and modify I I did above?

Thank you so much - very good representation of what I’m attempting to achieve.

I’ll pursue these ideas later - busy on two other projects at the moment - but I shan’t forget them.

Thank you very much for your help,

Hope you are able to achieve what you need. One last thought, it may prove useful to make 6 of your chairs as unique components before you distribute them in the space, that way you can edit each one and assign a figure to it which will populate the other same component chairs, not only will it be a more efficient way to add the people, you can also change the people as needed which can vary the audience in different setups.

link to those sitters in the 3DW which are freeeee !!!


Thank you so much! That’s given me enough to get started, and likely finished, but not immediately.