Specific people assets for stadium/arena projects

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I have some stadium/arena projects coming up and I’m not sure how to go about soucing or placing people assets which are not just generic, but are for instance, wearing the correct team shirt, or holding a team scarf, the kind of example is shown below. I’ve not done something on this scale before and I have tried looking at where/what people do to achieve this but coming up with nothing. So I thought I’d turn to the forum for any tips or places to look.

Much appreciated.


Typically, in the example you show, there has been some post-processing. The crowd you see has been added in photoshop or equivalent.
There are ways to populate with 3D assets but it’ll be hard finding models with such precise particularities as team shirts / outfits.

What kind of output are you planning to do, are you going to use a renderer ? is everything going to be modeled in sketchup ?


Hi @paul.millet
Thanks for your response.
Would expect specific people to be added in post process as doing in 3D opens up issues. It’s more the fact of actually finding the correct asset people, like the examples, where they are in a kit, and not just stood facing the camera.

I will be rendering my sketchup model, and then would look to photoshop in the specific assets. Finding for Barcelona might not be the hardest, but let us say it was a much lesser-known club. I’m thinking the only thing would be to physically do a photoshoot with people wearing the kits?

I’m just trying to flush out the options because I don’t want to be in a situation where I can’t deliver, or haven’t budgeted enough to do a whole photoshoot etc.

There must be a way, I’ve seen lots of examples where it’s been done, just can’t find any answers yet as to quite how!


if the club isn’t popular enough to find any visuals over the web, i’m afraid it’s going to be your best option.

If i’m asking about the renderer, it’s because delivering raw exports from sketchup and adding assets from photoshop may give amateur-looking results, no matter how good your photoshoot is.
If you stick to Sketchup, it may be better staying in a schematic representation, by only integrating silhouettes that re-use the team’s colour codes. it wouldn’t take you too much time to adapt some of the many 2D facing components you can find in the 3D warehouse.
A rough suggestion of the spirit. And even if you only make a few of them, you can do just what’s been done in your example, put them up front so they hide a more random crowd behind.

Mixing real pictures with a non-realistic environment is very tricky to my mind

In the pictures you gave as an example, the people are added in an image editing program and are 2D cutout people.
If you still want to insert some 3D people in a team’s shirts, edit their texture and you will get what you want.

just as an idea

or you can paint them as you want (in Blender)

3Dwarehouse people


Hi @mihai.s
Yer I’ve played around with adding shirts to 3D models with varying success. The quality of the 3D model needs to look good to work with the photoreal render. It seems 2D cut out is the simplest for inserting, it’s just the fact of having to do a photoshoot with a variety of people etc that makes it a little complicated.

I will look into more options on adding kits to 3D people like you’d shown in Blender. Appreciate you sending this over

Lots of high-poly 3D people:




Thanks, I’ve only used one or two of these. Glad to have more.

Every time I see rigged figures, I have to wonder what software to best work with them. SU certain doesn’t. You would have to use other software and then send them to SU in some file format.

You’re welcome, mr. Coolidge!

Probably the ‘best’ is the software you know how to work with and has the necessary editing functions (Blender, 3ds Max, Maya, C4D, Houdini, etc.).

If you just want to import such a character, you are most likely offered the FBX version (or maybe USDZ), which you can import directly (USDZ) into SketchUp 2024. Or for FBX, use an extension: Universal Importer, Skimp, Transmutr, etc…

Credit the Creator
Claudia Rigged 002 - 3D Rigged Business Women” by Renderpeople is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution.

If you want to change its ‘Pose’, then you need to edit it first in a software and then export it (DAE, OBJ, etc.) for SketchUp.
An example with a rigged model imported from Sketchfab, whose ‘Pose’ I modified, and then it can be exported for SketchUp.

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Hey @mihai.s So I’ve had some free time this evening to look at some rigged people and look to update their poses in blender (I’m very new to blender, but can just about get around it). I’ve managed to adjust the person as I want to have them doing a high five. I’m looking to then export this into SketchUp. When I open the exported model, the character is back to the awkward default rigged position?! I’m hoping it’s one of those things where I’ve missed one check box when exporting, but I can’t seem to find an answer on my google and youtube searching. I thought you might be the person to ask after these examples you gave the other day. Much appreciated

Apply the modifier (rig) first, then export the model

Also, you can find tutorials on YouTube for this as well. :wink:

Have just stumbled upon the modifer things when you replied, I’m not figuring out how to get around the modifer and shape key issues, think I need to download an add on. This will be one for tomorrow, long day and need some fresh energy! Thanks again for your quick help

So after some hunting found the download add on that fixed her in the pose, and now works in Sketchup, one step at a time, but nice to now be able to adjust things, thanks for your help on this

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What was that add on, BTW.

Now to apply a custom team graphic would be a UV texture mapping exercise. There are some SU plugins for that, but again maybe easier or better in other software?

Hey @RTCool This was the video which had the link to donate and download. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92MotHRxDQw

Yer I’m thinking there are some options in Blender like Mihai.s showed earlier which could work.

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